The BCIF image compression algorithm


BCIF whitepaper

Imagemagick converter (integrates with the BCIF GUI to convert from other formats than BMP)

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Other image compression algorithms

The PCIF algorithm

The Jpeg2000 format

Kakadu: a Jpeg2000 implementation

The LOCO (Jpeg-LS) algorithm

Char-LS: a Jpeg-LS implementation

The PNG standard


The Waterloo image set

The Kodak image set

I.C.I. image set

Squeezechart: compression benchmarking

The BCIF lossless image compression algorithm was born as an evolution of the older PCIF algorithm. It has been developed and realized by Stefano Brocchi; the translation in the C language and a first optimization has been realized by Gabriele Nencini as part of his master's thesis. The goal in the development of BCIF was to create a fast-decompressing algorithm with compression ratios equal or superior to other famous standards as Jpeg2000 and Jpeg-LS.

The BCIF program and algorithm have been released under the GPL license, and can be downloaded from the BCIF homepage for free.

A white paper about BCIF has been presented at the 14th international workshop on combinatorial image analysis (IWCIA 2011) and has been published in the LNCS series. Also, who is interested in the technical details can find a short description in the author's PhD Thesis, publicly available.